Anne Rose Regenboog

Anne Rose Regenboog
lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Studied Fine Arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, metal department in Amsterdam.

Sources of inspiration are the classic elementary forms with a focus on experiments and conceptual thinking within a given context.

In her studio, first in Amsterdam and since 2005 in The Hague, small wearable objects were made over a period of 25 years. A time when, in addition to making work for exhibitions, research and experiment have always been important.
In that time, her oeuvre has found its way into galleries for wearable art objects.
The cube project that Anne Rose has been working on for the past seven years is an investigation into the possibilities within the boundaries of a concept, in which she constructs sleek cubes of thin steel wires.
The extra lines within the open cubes are like a spatial script based on three-dimensional geometric shapes.
Each sculpture is autonomous, like a drawing in space and together with the light and the movement of viewing, the cubes form a lively play, a choreography for the eye.
Her work is included in various private collections at home and abroad.

Steel wires within the space of the cube according to a systematic variation. Anne Rose Regenboog draws extra lines between the ribs of open cubes as a spatial script with characters based on three-dimensional geometric shapes. In a tight rhythm hung on the wall the image of the cubes changes with the light falling on it and casting shadows. Together with the movement of looking, the cubes together form a lively game, a choreography for the eye.